End Of Life Notification - VESDA VLS

Jan 09 , 2020

As of 31st December 2019, the VESDA LaserScanner range has been obsoleted by Xtralis. The VLS range will be replaced with the VESDA-E VES series which will be available from March 2020.

Please see alternative parts listed below.

- VLS-500 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-600 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-700 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-204 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-214 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-304 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-314 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VSP-009 alternative part is VES-A00-P or VES-A10-P

If you need further information on our VES range, please click here.

Please contact your local branch for more information or if you need to place an order!

1600 Conventional Panels now available Australia wide

Sep 18 , 2019

FireSense is now distributing our 1600 Conventional panels Australia wide. Our panels have been designed in Australia to meet local requirements and it is an extremely flexible panel.

Available in a 650mm or 900mm cabinet, the 1600 panel starts at 8 zones and is expandable up to 16 zones. We are also able to add programmable occupant warning systems to the panel if required.

These panels can be customised and programmed to meet the demands of a wide variety of building types.

Please click here for more information or contact your local branch to see what we can build for you.

EWIS Panels now available Australia wide

Sep 18 , 2019

Due to a recent partnership with Johnson Controls, FireSense is now able to distribute QE90 EWIS systems in QLD, NT, WA, SA and TAS.

Our customers will now have faster access to QE90 systems and spare parts, as well as unsurpassed technical support Australia wide. With our in-house programming and with stock on hand for basic systems, we are also able to provide our customers with one of the fastest turnaround times in the fire industry.

Please click here for more information regarding our EWIS systems.

NSW, ACT, VIC - I-2000 available
QLD, SA, TAS, NT, WA - QE90 available

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact your local branch.

End Of Life Notification - VESDA VLP/VLC

Aug 21 , 2019

Towards the end of 2019, Xtralis will be obsoleting the VESDA LaserPlus and LaserCompact range. Since introducing the VESDA-E range in 2014, this range has provided better detection performance, greater tolerance to nuisance alarms, added flexibility and more connectivity options. Going forward, Xtralis will focus on the VESDA-E and VESDA LaserFocus platforms.

If you are needing any products from the VLP or VLC range, orders will need to be placed with FireSense by 31st October, 2019. 

Please see alternative parts listed below.

- VLP-400 alternative part is VEP-A00P
- VLP-002 alternative part is VEP-A10-P
- VLC-500 alternative part is VEP-A00-1P
- VLC-505 alternative part is VEP-A00-1P

If you need further information on our VEP range, please click here.

Xtralis will honour warranty replacements for existing VLP and VLC parts and will be providing 2 years of support for spare parts and 3 years support for documentation.

Please contact your local branch for more information or if you need to place an order!

FireSense wins again at Annual Honeywell Conference

Sep 20 , 2018

The Annual Honeywell Building Technologies Distributor Conference was held on Monday, September 3rd, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel in Osaka, Japan.

Mick Thomas, Justin Ford and David Callus were all in attendance and representing FireSense. Despite the pending typhoon to reach Japan, they were happy to win and walk away with "Distributor of the Year","Diamond Award", and "Project of the Year" for the company.

FireSense is proud and thankful for the recognition we continue to receive in not only the fire industry, but by Notifer by Honeywell.

FireSense Cables - Approval Update - Building Wire

Jun 08 , 2018

'Building Wire' cable is now a Declared Article in NSW, and has been added to Part 2 of AS/NZS4417, as a Level 3 classification. A Level 3 classification is determined as 'high risk'. Any cable deemed Level 3 is required to be tested, granted regulatory approval & marked with a RCM logo to comply with these new requirements.

As of 1st July 2018, all NSW wholesalers & contractors can only sell Building Wire cables that have a NSW Approval Number and/or approved alternate mark.

These new changes apply to most of our Fire Rated cable, however all FireSense TPS & Fire Rated cables have been tested, approved and will be marked with our Certification number & RCM logo, as per these requirements. The new markings will be printed onto the sheath of our cable, our drums and our packaging. 

For consistency, and peace of mind, FireSense's entire range of cables extends well beyond the Building Wire requirements referred to in the standards. We have applied the same rigourous tests and have added the same markings for all cables, including our ELV/LV cable, our Screened cable and our larger Single Core cables.


FireSense is registered as a 'Responsible Supplier' on the ERAC (Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council) website - www.erac.gov.au - (Supplier No. E6560)

To view our ASA Approval Certificates, please click here.

Range of AS7240 Approved Devices Now Available!

Apr 03 , 2018

Due to the adoption of AS/ISO7240.24 in the Australian Standards, FireSense now holds a range of AS7240 Approved Devices.

In the past there was next to no regulation on the design of speakers or strobes within the fire industry. To be in sync with international requirements, the fire industry has implemented these changes to improve the safety of not only people within the construction industry, but also members of the public.

As of May 2017, all construction certificates submitted must abide by the latest amendments to AS1670.1.2015 & AS7240.

You can view all products available by following this link! http://www.firesense.com.au/products/detection-products/as7240-approved-devices.html

WSX1 Rating - New changes in Australian Standards

Mar 01 , 2018

As of May 2017, changes have been introduced in AS1670.1.2015, the Australian Fire Alarm Installation Standards. The new changes have stipulated that all Fire Alarm cable must meet the minimum mechanical rating of WSX1 for transmission paths under Clause 3.26.

Not only do all FireSense cables have ActivFire certification, but we are fully compliant and certified in accordance with AS/NZS 3013 to a minimum of WSX1 across our range - from our TPS Fire Alarm cable, right up to our 2HR Fire Rated Power and Single Core cable.

FireSense are the market leaders when it comes to changes in the Australian Standards, and meeting all markings and requirements that are relevant.

This new change applies to all buildings that have a construction certificate issued after May 2017, which means all new builds after this date need to meet this requirement. We encourage all our customers to contact us if you need further information, or a better understanding of these changes.

FireSense Sponsor at Bathurst 12HR

Feb 12 , 2018

The FireSense sponsored blue Mustang took out its honour in its own class at the Bathurst 12 Hour on Sunday 4th February.

Drivers Keith Kassulke, Will Brown & Rod Salmon won their class after completing 258 laps - 14 laps ahead of Car 93, driven by Grant Denyer and his team.

This follows back to back wins for Rod and his team. We'd like to thank Rod and the MARC Car Australia team for allowing FireSense to be a part of the winning team.

To view images of the weekend, please follow this link! https://www.facebook.com/pg/FireSenseAus/photos/?ref=page_internal

TPS Halogen Free White Stripe option now available

Dec 01 , 2017

FireSense has yet again expanded our cable range to include TPS Halogen Free Flat with a White Stripe (TPSHF-1.50-2CW-500). 

Our halogen free TPS range has insulation and sheath materials which are low smoke, low acid and low toxicity, ideal for use in underground environments, and for Green Building and Green Star building applications.

The white stripe is available as an option to allow installer to distinguish between speaker & detector circuits. 

For further information, feel free to contact your local branch!