New Product - Additions to Fire Rated & LSZH Earth Single Core Range

Oct 27 , 2020

Due to customer demand, we have extended our Fire Rated SDI Single Core and LSZH Earth Single Core range. These will be made available as of January 2021.

Please see the list of new cables below. Click on each product code for more information.

FR-6-1C – Fire Rated 6.00mm2 Single Core

FR-10-1C – Fire Rated 10mm2 Single Core

FR-16-1C – Fire Rated 16mm2 Single Core

FR-25-1C – Fire Rated 25mm2 Single Core

LSZH-2.50-1CE – LSZH 2.50mm2 Earth Single Core

LSZH-4.00-1CE – LSZH 4.00mm2 Earth Single Core

LSZH-6.00-1CE – LSZH 6.00mm2 Earth Single Core

LSZH-10-1CE – LSZH 10mm2 Earth Single Core


New Product - Intelligent VESDA-E Range

Jun 29 , 2020

The new Intelligent range of VESDA VEP, VEA and VEU range of detectors are now available to order. This new range of detectors utilises the current VESDA-E range technology with the addition of addressability.

The main feature of these detectors is being able to connect to the SLC loop of compatible Addressable panels using the Flashscan® protocol. This will allow users to not only communicate up to five levels of events, but also use in control-by-event system programming.

For further information, please click here.


New Fire Rated Cables

Apr 29 , 2020

We have added five new fire rated cables to our range which are now in stock and ready to order from all three of our branches Australia wide. Please see the list of new cables below and click on each product code for more information.

FR-4.00-2C – Fire Rated 4mm2 2 Core Cable
FR-6.00-2C – Fire Rated 6mm2 2 Core Cable
FR-10-3C+E – Fire Rated 10mm2 3 Core and Earth Cable
FR-2.50-4C+E – Fire Rated 2.5mm2 4 Core and Earth Cable
FR-4.00-4C+E – Fire Rated 4mm2 4 Core and Earth Cable


FireSense - COVID-19 Supplier Chain Update

Mar 24 , 2020

FireSense has issued an updated statement regarding our supply chains and product availability.

Due to some government imposed shutdowns, there have been some limits to production capabilities and logistical challenges for certain products. 

Please note however that we keep approximately 2-3 months of stock so these changes won't necessarily affect our ability to supply to our customers.

We will continue to advise of any changes as the situation progresses.

Please click below to view the full statement.

Download File:

Click Here

FireSense - COVID-19 Response

Mar 11 , 2020

In light of current events, FireSense has issued a statement in relation to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus).

At this point in time, there is no impact on our ability to supply any of our products or services due to the virus.

All of our factories that manufacture our products in Australia, China, USA and Europe are operating at significant levels to meet our current demands. 

Senior management will continue to monitor the situation and add additional precautions as necessary. 

To view the full statement, please click below. 

Download File:

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New Product - VESDA-E VES Range

Mar 09 , 2020

The new VESDA-E VES detectors are now available to order! Replacing the VESDA LaserScanners, these new detectors allow for four sectors to be differentiated in a single zone, which can be useful when it is necessary to distinguish between separate aisles or rooms.

Built on the Flair detection technology, and years of application experience, the VESDA-E VES detector delivers very early warning with the best in class dust rejection throughout its lifetime.

For more information, please click here.


New Product - FR-0.75-8CS

Jan 23 , 2020

Due to demand, we have manufactured a 2HR Fire Rated 0.75mm 8 Core Screened cable. We have just received our first shipment to our warehouse and are ready to send it out.

Please click here to see more information or give us a call if you’d like to place an order!


End Of Life Notification - VESDA VLS

Jan 09 , 2020

As of 31st December 2019, the VESDA LaserScanner range has been obsoleted by Xtralis. The VLS range will be replaced with the VESDA-E VES series which will be available from March 2020.

Please see alternative parts listed below.

- VLS-500 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-600 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-700 alternative part is VES-A00-P
- VLS-204 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-214 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-304 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VLS-314 alternative part is VES-A10-P
- VSP-009 alternative part is VES-A00-P or VES-A10-P

If you need further information on our VES range, please click here.

Please contact your local branch for more information or if you need to place an order!


1600 Conventional Panels now available Australia wide

Sep 18 , 2019

FireSense is now distributing our 1600 Conventional panels Australia wide. Our panels have been designed in Australia to meet local requirements and it is an extremely flexible panel.

Available in a 650mm or 900mm cabinet, the 1600 panel starts at 8 zones and is expandable up to 16 zones. We are also able to add programmable occupant warning systems to the panel if required.

These panels can be customised and programmed to meet the demands of a wide variety of building types.

Please click here for more information or contact your local branch to see what we can build for you.


EWIS Panels now available Australia wide

Sep 18 , 2019

Due to a recent partnership with Johnson Controls, FireSense is now able to distribute QE90 EWIS systems in QLD, NT, WA, SA and TAS.

Our customers will now have faster access to QE90 systems and spare parts, as well as unsurpassed technical support Australia wide. With our in-house programming and with stock on hand for basic systems, we are also able to provide our customers with one of the fastest turnaround times in the fire industry.

Please click here for more information regarding our EWIS systems.

NSW, ACT, VIC - I-2000 available
QLD, SA, TAS, NT, WA - QE90 available

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact your local branch.