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  • “I have been dealing with FireSense now for over 15 years. I have always found them to be very trustworthy and reliable – a group of smart business minded people that are very easy to get along with. As a business that operates with the ongoing challenges faced by our service and contracting clients, FireSense are always our go to supplier. Their wealth of industry experience and technical support is extensive. Nothing is too big or too little an issue for the sales and technical team at FireSense. FireSense treat our clients like their own, which is always a great result for repeat business!”
    Craig Lloyd
  • “We have been dealing with FireSense for a number of years, and we have found them to be a great team to work with. We can always rely on the FireSense support staff to make the time to help out with our technical queries, and they can often provide valuable input into the development of the more complex system designs. We have even brought the FireSense team in to present their products directly to our clients, where they communicate the technical information clearly and represent themselves and their business professionally. We have no hesitation in recommending both their product and services to our clients.”
    Deane Fraser, Associate Director, Olson fire & Ri
  • “Myself and the team here at L&H Alexandria have been delighted to be able to partner with a company that places its customer first and foremost everytime. The partnership between L&H Alexandria and FireSense couldn't be stronger and we credit FireSense for all the hard work they do to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with each and every contact.”
    Ben Jackson, Branch Manager, LH Alexandria
  • “FireSense are leaders in the Fire Systems manufacturing industry within Australia. Apart from great reliable products, they have a committed sales force delivering a high standard of customer service, along with a high benchmark on product and technical knowledge support. The team are solution providers in an ever-challenging industry.”
    Geoff Moore, General Manager, PreciseFire
  • “FireSense and the Callus Family have been our “Go to” supplier for all our Fire Protection Equipment needs for the last 25 years.”
    Jim Ross, Encore Fire Systems
  • “I have worked on many a project with FireSense including Data Centres and Detention Centres where I have specified their product. In these facilities you require a sophisticated detection system that offers a variety of products, fit for purpose to suit the application. I have peace of mind when FireSense products are installed. FireSense ensure they keep ahead of the game with their continuous research and development. This company have great technical support staff that know the code requirements well and can assist the contractor on site with installation issues and also assist the design team and consultant with any technical issues. Great company, great products and great support!”
    Sally Felice, Senior Fire Protection Engineer, WSP
  • “FireSense has been a key strategic partner of Honeywell for over 12 years. During this time the FireSense team has achieved year-on-year success and have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the growth and support of Honeywell’s Fire business; winning Diamond and Distributor of the Year awards on multiple occasions. I believe the key to success has been the deep partnership between the senior leadership of both businesses and the professionalism and dedication shown by the FireSense team in delivering exceptional customer service. We are proud to call FireSense partners and look forward to continued growth and success in the years to come.”
    Steve Higgins, Honeywell
  • “We at Mekolec have been proud to work in partnership with FireSense and are delighted with their innovative approach and use of technology to meet our ever-growing portfolio. Their willingness to change, be flexible and continually meet the challenges set by the fire industry has resulted in cost savings we have been happy to share. The relationship continues to grow, develop and blossom and we look forward to working closely with Adam and his VIC staff for well into the future.”
    Marc Golland, Branch Manger, Mekolec PTY LTD
  • “I use FireSense for a number of reasons: 1) They supply cabling which is of high quality, extremely well priced and always delivered on time; 2) They have excellent knowledge of the Notifier product, Fibre optics, and other detection & suppression products; 3) They provide excellent technical support and assistance - not just during the design and procurement stages of the project, but also through construction, commissioning and during the equipment service life; 4) Their staff are highly trained on all systems that they supply; 5) They know the market; 6) They go above and beyond with customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending FireSense for their professional experience and technical knowledge for any project regardless of size or complexity.”
    Tom Power, Fire Engineer MIFireE Technology System
  • “I’ve known Dave, Rob and Mick for over 20 years since I started selling VESDA.  During this time I have always found them to be a trustworthy and ethical team to deal with. Their company culture is built on great customer service and long-term commitment to their suppliers and customers.  Their product knowledge and support are the best in the industry and I would not hesitate to recommend FireSense as a partner of choice on a complex VESDA projects.  ”
    Eddie Tieppo